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Marlene Dennis, Professional Fiduciary

Welcome to the website sponsored by Dennis Advisory Services, Inc. We offer a full range of Fiduciary Services, both independently and under Court supervision. Additionally, our expertise in Management, Real Estate and Human Resources allows us to select and supervise other professionals, such as Realtors, Investment Advisers, Home Organizers and Care Givers as needed to meet the needs of our clients.

Marlene Dennis, MBA, CLPF

License #557

Fiduciary Services

Court Supervised Actions

Conservator of the Person

Conservator of the Estate

Probate Administration

Trust Administration

Special Needs Trusts

Independent Administration

Agent under Power of Attorney

Trust Administration

Trustee, Co-Trustee, Successor Trustee

Daily Money Management

VA Legal Custodian

Service area: Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties

Contact at (310) 467-4220

E-mail to or fill out contact form

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